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We at Dalton Wholesale Floors know that an even, recently finished hardwood floor is a sight of class. A patchy, wearied hardwood floor is not as spiffy. Decades of foot traffic or an infrequency of the right upkeep can compromise the finish on your floors, causing them to become weakened and lose their glimmer. In the case that you've never noted your hardwood when it was fresh and just an accent to your design, you might start to realize it if it becomes drab, damaged or riddled with small marks from stiletto heels and pet claws. If you see the appearance of your floor starting to worsen, bear in mind that there is always a way to fix it. Dalton Wholesale Floors offers well-timed and effective hardwood floor refinishing services to the Adairsville, Georgia area at inexpensive costs. Our seasoned and practiced refinishers will arrive at your home or office, revitalize your floors, and leave the wood looking as brilliant and aristocratic as the day it was installed.

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When hardwood floors are installed, they're layered with a urethane base that lends them their different glimmer and steadfastness. Minuscule shreds of aluminum oxide in the covering make the wood even stronger and prolong the length of time before the finish is worn away. Unfortunately, even the hardest finish can give in to years of sand and dirt rubbing away at the surface and enabling water and soil to soak in and corrupt the wood. The most practical remedy for the predicament is to sand down the decrepit, timeworn finish and exchange it with a completely new one.

Dalton Wholesale Floors can complete the job, regardless of what it is. Maybe you're hosting a holiday get-together and need your household to look aristocratic. Perhaps you've just moved into an apartment and have to fix the messes that the former owners did not deal with. Or maybe you simply want to bring the perfect floor countenance back into your room. Whatever it is, we are able to take on the job.

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