Why ceramic tile?

As you can see, ceramic tile is very versatile and is able to create many different looks. You can opt for a more traditional, earthy look featuring natural stone tile. Or, you might want something more contemporary. You can even use wood look tile! 

Tile is loved because of its durability and effortless maintenance. It handles the heaviest traffic with ease, making it ideal in commercial settings. And, since it's waterproof, it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements with no concerns!

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Tile flooring | Dalton Wholesale Floors

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Glazed vs. unglazed

Ceramic tile is a beautiful option for any home. It presents almost endless design possibilities and is available in numerous shapes, colors, patterns, and glazes. Ceramic tiles are made of clay, which is fired at high temperatures within a clay oven or kiln to dry and harden the material.

The process by which tiles are manufactured results in two basic types: glazed and unglazed tile. After tile is fired within a kiln, a coating, or glaze similar to glass, can be applied to the tile’s surface, at which point the tile is fired in the kiln again. The product of this process is a glazed tile. Unglazed tiles have no additional coating added to them and are simply fired one time. 

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Tile Installation

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Tile Care

Proper care and maintenance will keep your tile flooring looking its best for years!
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Tile Gallery

Need inspiration before shopping for tile? View our tile inspiration gallery!
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