What to expect

Tile installation can be complex. So, why not sit back and relax and trust the experts at Dalton Wholesale Floors? Our professional installers will handle all of the hard stuff, measuring and installing with great care, to ensure the quality of your new flooring for the long run. 


Tile requires very particular subfloor preparation. Frequently, a water-resistant backer-board is affixed to the subfloor, providing a secure, stable surface for tile installation. A pre-installation walk-through with your tile installer will help ensure that you are prepared for the big day. The matters of removal and disposal of old flooring, trim, subfloor preparation, and door clearance can be addressed during the walk-through.

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Tile installation | Dalton Wholesale Floors

During & after installation

First, the installer will determine tile layout. Then, using chalk lines as a guide, your installer will spread thin-set mortar while carefully placing each tile. Spacers are used between tiles so that they are evenly placed. After the mortar sets, grout is applied—sometimes, the next day.


New ceramic tile needs time to cure and solidify. Typically, you should stay off of your flooring for least 48 hours after the job is done; similarly, ceramic tile shower stalls and counters should remain completely moisture-free for a couple of days so the grout can completely dry.