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How To Seal Your Countertops

4 Easy steps to keep your countertop looking great

Tips & Suggestions | Dalton Wholesale Floors

Tips & Suggestions

  • Wear gloves, or a mask, if the smell is too strong for you.
  • Avoid using products containing ammonia or high levels of acid.
  • Use soap and water, or any cleaning product specified for natural stone to clean countertops.
Clear & Clean Countertops | Dalton Wholesale Floors

1. Clear & Clean Countertops

  • With a clean towel, clean countertops thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Make sure dust particles are not on the surface.
  • Ensure countertops are completely dry before step 2.
Apply Sealer | Dalton Wholesale Floors

2. Apply Sealer

  • Take sealer and apply onto white towel.
  • Once applied to towel, begin to spread in circular motion in the area desired.
Let it penetrate | Dalton Wholesale Floors

3. Let It Penetrate

  • Once applied, leave for the amount indicated on your product label.
  • With another clean towel, wipe off and buff.
  • We encourage you to seal your countertops 2 times a year.

Have piece of mind and enjoy your countertops!