Why waterproof flooring?

Waterproof solid core flooring is an evolution in luxury Waterproof flooring. With durability that exceeds other engineered products, this flooring has the same layered construction but features a waterproof core that can survive splashes and spills without swelling or warping. In an advantage over laminate flooring, the backing on solid core flooring also muffles sounds, making it quieter than most hard-surface flooring types.

Waterproof solid core flooring can be installed directly over most existing flooring including ceramic tile, Waterproof, hardwood, and laminate. Its rigid, dense construction won’t broadcast the bumps and hollows of an imperfect subfloor. Install solid cord planks with an attached underlayment as a floating floor system.

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Where to install waterproof solid core

Waterproof solid core flooring is stylish enough to be featured in your best rooms while being versatile enough to go just about anywhere—from kitchens and bathrooms to basements and mud rooms! With trend-setting wood looks, stone looks, tile looks, and more, it's easy to express yourself in any space. You'll also love how solid core holds up to heavy traffic, scratching and wear, and moisture. Solid core truly is life-proof!

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Waterproof Installation

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Waterproof Care

Proper care and maintenance will keep your waterproof flooring looking its best for years!
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Waterproof Gallery

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