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Protecting Your Flooring During A Move

Protecting Your Flooring During A Move

While often exciting, moving can be a tremendously tiring process. There is the packing, the truck rental, the convincing friends to help, and then the moving itself. All of these tasks when taken individually are doable, but when lumped together can lead to one exhausting affair.

There is one aspect of moving that few consider until it’s too late: protecting the flooring of your new home. With all of the heavy lifting and tight corners, taking care of your floors can become an afterthought, and that is when damage can occur. But by following these helpful tips, you can help protect the flooring in your new home during your big move.

Here are some top tips for protecting your flooring during a move:

Carry, Don’t Drag, Your Furniture

While this one may seem obvious, you always want to try and carry your furniture when moving into a new space. Carrying, instead of dragging, helps preserve the integrity of your new flooring by preventing scrapes, scratches, stretching, and tears.

During a long day of moving, dragging furniture across your flooring can be very tempting, but this shortcut could cause long-term damage to your floors. Whether hardwood flooring, carpet, vinyl, or laminate, you should avoid dragging your furniture during a move.

Opt For Furniture Sliders

If you find that you cannot, for various reasons, carry your furniture all of the way to its desired destination, consider purchasing furniture sliders. Furniture sliders operate as one might think. You simply place the slider on the underside of your pieces and then slide them across your floor.

While furniture sliders cannot fully guarantee that your floor will not be damaged, they are relatively safe, and damage to your new floor is very unlikely.

Cover Your Floors

Another surefire and relatively easy option for protecting your floors during a move is to cover them. The use of old blankets, tarps, or other floor protectors, can help ensure that foot traffic does not negatively affect your flooring.

Moreover, covering your flooring during a move will make for a much easier cleanup. All you will have to do is lift up the coverings, shake them out, and then lightly sweep.

Measure Beforehand

Protecting Your Flooring During A Move

Unsure if your beloved King size bed will make it through your new hallway or if your oversized recliner will fit in the basement? Take the time to measure both your furniture and your entryways before your move.

By guessing instead of being exact, you are setting yourself and your moving friends up for failure and leaving your floors vulnerable. It is always better to know if an item will not fit before moving it because if you are like most people, once you have got it inside your new home, you are bound and determined to make it fit. And that is where the flooring damage can occur.

Who among us can honestly say that they have never been in this position? Consider how many scuffs and scrapes could have been avoided by measuring before a move.

Protecting Your Flooring Starts With You

When moving to a new home, there is a lot to balance and remember, but try to not lose sight of your beautiful new floors. By following these four simple steps, you can make sure that your flooring is as beautiful as it was before you moved in.

Interested in learning more about protecting your floors or perhaps getting some new flooring put in your home? Contact us today, and a member of our team will get back to you!